Saturday, April 07, 2012

Westover Village Easter Egg Hunt

DSC_0441-1 I have decide that it is almost imposable to take an Easter bunny photo that isn’t a little bit creepy looking. The bunny costume just looks so unnatural. Also Ellis told me he knew this was not the real Easter Bunny because he could see he had shoes on. DSC_0416-1 DSC_0417-1 DSC_0418-1 DSC_0419-1 The 2 and under hunt was first with eggs scattered across the playground each kid was allowed to find 10 eggs. Emmett picked up his 10 eggs in under a minute. DSC_0425-1 Ellis and the 3-5 group.

DSC_0435-1 Jasper and the 6-9 group.

DSC_0457-1 DSC_0463-1 Later there was a bunch of bouncing and some face painting.

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